I am a classically trained singer and teacher. My vocal technique is an acoustic technique: we learn about how the body produces and amplifies sound. I believe that students should be independent musicians and thinkers, meaning students will learn to read music and are encouraged to watch and record themselves so they can make up their own minds about the sounds they are hearing. When ready, students are expected to perform in studio recitals and/or local festivals. I accept students of all ages, with children beginning in grade 2.

Mireille Rijavec

The point of the consultation is to see if the prospective student and I are a good fit. It's important that we be able to work well together, and that the student agrees with my pedagogy. During the consultation, I will review my studio guidelines and my teaching philosophy. I will evaluate the student's music reading and we'll have a trial lesson.


If the student feels comfortable with my approach and I feel I can work with the student, we will schedule regular weekly lessons. Some students schedule two lessons a week or bi-weekly lessons, whatever works best. For most students, the goal is to perform in my two studio recitals during the year. Progress is mostly dependent on the student's practice outside of the lessons. Regular, mindful practice is most effective. The length of practice depends on the student's level and focus.


Lessons are usually comprised of technical exercises, sight-reading and repertoire work. Although that is the overall structure of the lessons, each student will be given the exercises and repertoire that is best suited for their ability. I will make sure that student's music reading is at least at the level of the repertoire they are singing. As lessons get closer to the recitals, more time is spent on repertoire preparation.