Mireille Rijavec

Professional singer, instructor, adjudicator, administrator and board member, Mireille has 30 years of experience in the arts, education, and the non-profit sector.

About Mireille

Mireille Rijavec

Mireille has an M.Mus. (Voice) as well as a B.Soc.Sci. (Political Science/Philosophy). She has worked in the federal public service, as a university instructor, an academic and non-profit administrator, and a professional singer. Presently she teaches voice, performs, adjudicates at Music Festivals, and consults for non-profit organizations.


Mireille works with students of all abilities, from children (ideally in grade 2 and older) to adults. Her pedagogy is grounded in physiology and acoustics, and she has trained as a classical singer. She stresses the importance of being able to read music, healthy vocal technique, and ultimately the joy of communicating through song. Mireille's students have continued their vocal studies in classical voice and musical theatre in post secondary institutions across Canada and the United States. Lessons can take place in person, online or a hybrid approach in English or in French. All students will learn how the body produces sound and how to do it in a healthy way.

  • Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    The point of the consultation is to see if the prospective student and I are a good fit. It's important that we be able to work well together, and that the student agrees with my pedagogy. During the consultation, I will review my studio guidelines and my teaching philosophy. I will evaluate the student's music reading and we'll have a trial lesson.

  • Step 2

    Setup a Plan

    If the student feels comfortable with my approach and I feel I can work with the student, we will schedule regular weekly lessons. Some students schedule two lessons a week or bi-weekly lessons, whatever works best. For most students, the goal is to perform in my two studio recitals during the year. Progress is mostly dependent on the student's practice outside of the lessons. Regular, mindful practice is most effective. The length of practice depends on the student's level and focus.

  • Step 3

    Voice Lessons

    Lessons are usually comprised of technical exercises, sight-reading and repertoire work. Although that is the overall structure of the lessons, each student will be given the exercises and repertoire that is best suited for their ability. I will make sure that student's music reading is at least at the level of the repertoire they are singing. As lessons get closer to the recitals, more time is spent on repertoire preparation.


Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus Concert,
Oh Freedom...Spirituals of Our Time May 29th, 2022

Mireille has been heard on the CBC as a soloist and has appeared with Pop Goes the Opera, the Alberta Baroque Ensemble, the Richard Eaton Singers, Pro Coro Canada, the Edmonton Metropolitan Orchestra, Concordia University Chorus and Orchestra, Opera Breve Vancouver, Western Concert Opera, Opera Lyra Ottawa, and in productions supported by Edmonton Opera. Mireille has also been presenting her cabaret Brie, Baguette and a Broad to a variety of audiences for over 15 years. Presently she is the vocal pedagogue and alto vocal coach for the Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus.

Non-Profit Administration

Mireille has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector, primarily in arts management. She has been involved in all aspects of organizational development, from incorporation, setting up policies and procedures, running the day to day, grant writing, winding down and dissolution. She is available to consult with your organization on their needs and/or take on short term contracts to address specific issues in your organization.




Edmonton, Alberta